Household Products

Household products to suit your daily needs. Hard to reach places are now easy to clean with the Drain Cleaner Brush as seen in our section of household products.

This cleaner brush will remove obstructions such as hair, food scraps, sand, dirt and other softer materials. Can be used on kitchen sinks, bathroom basins, baths and shower drains. Regular usage prevents clogging up of drains.

Our Fabric Shaver will remove lint, fuzz and more from all sorts of fabric on clothes and upholstery and various other materials. The Plastic Sprayer Trigger come in a variety of shapes and colours, blue, green and red.

Can be used for cleaning products as well as for watering plants.

We have a range of home decor products. Lantern Bulbs in orange and blue and a portable Lantern Glass Jar .

We offer a large variety of Picture Frames.. from single frames to frames that can be used for collages. Small cupboard?

View our Space Saver Genie from which to hang our different varieties of Coat Hangers.

We also offer coat hangers for kiddies in pink, blue and green. Our Scarf hangars make it easy to store your scarves neatly.

The range of woven laundry baskets come in different shapes and sizes. Cleaning the grid from the braai can be a nightmare!

Our Grid cleaning kit makes cleaning so much easier!

View our catalogue for more ease of cleaning products,  practical laundry products and appealing home decor products.