Brushware & Cleaning

Brushware & Cleaning items to suit every need in your home. The brushes come with easy grip handles and are ideal for scrubbing pots, pans and dishes.

Durable nylon bristles scrub away food, stains and dirt.
Hate cleaning the grid after a braai? Our Grid Cleaning Kit supplies all you need to make it easier.
The Plastic Sprayer Trigger come in a variety of shapes and colours, blue, green and red. Usage includes cleaning products as well as for watering plants.
Hard to reach places are now easy to clean with the Drain Cleaner Brush .
This brush removes obstructions such as hair, food scraps, sand and softer materials. Use on kitchen sinks, bathroom basins, bath and shower drains. Regular usage prevents clogging up of drains.
Our Fabric Shaver will remove lint and fuzz from all sorts of fabric. Use on clothes and upholstery and various other materials.
View our catalogue for Rubber Gloves,  Mops and Cleaning sets.  We stock a variety of terry Dish Cloths. brooms and buckets.