Laundry & Bathroom

Our large range of Laundry & Bathroom items offer a variety for every use and taste.

For the bathroom and shower we supply suction hooks, The Plastic Shower Caddy, a variety of Shower Curtains in different colours and a Metal 10 hook for behind the bathroom door. We have a selection of towel rails and rings to choose from.

For personal use we have Dental Essential Dental Floss, Cotton earbuds and a Head Massager.

We offer Storage Organisers for space saving in cupboards or shelves. Amongst the many items there are Soft Toilet Seats for children.

We supply a wide variety of laundry and woven baskets in different shapes, colours and sizes.

Never lose socks again! Pop your dirty socks into one of our Washing machine bags and straight into the wash.
The bags also protect delicate clothing from lint and from getting ruined.

Tired of losing small items for laundry use? We have several Storage organisers to make your life easier.