Kids Educational & Fun Toys

We offer a wide range of Kids Educational & Fun Toys. Right from the beginning your child is learning.

Educational Toys help babies, toddlers and older kids develop problem solving skills as they play.

Toys engage a child’s senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others.

Providing your child with a musical instrument not only teaches them coordination but improves their listening and memory skills.
We stock Rattles for babies as well as a Musical Xylophone once your little one can sit up.

Tambourines and Shakers will provide many hours of entertainment for the Kids whilst developing necessary skills.

For the older child there is a Candle Making Set as well as a Reads Craft box with beads.

Every little girl loves to cook and our Kitchen Set with Accessories offer them hours of fun whilst serving up play play food for the family.
Boys love to vroom around the house with their cars. Our Building Block Storage Truck not only provides them with wheels to push around but is also educational. Visit us in store to view our Puzzles, Flash Cards and Workbooks.

For summer fun view our large selection of pool accessories. We stock From Armbands to Loungers, To keep your pool clean we have the The Intex Wall Brush and Leaf Skimmer. We also offer a range of plastic pools for babies and older kids.