Plastic & Glass Empire has a large variety of Kitchen Accessories. You will find something for everyone’s requirements.

Our Avocado, Tomato, Onion and Citrus Keeper eliminates waste of spoiled, unused food. These Fruit and Vegetable Keepers get the most out of your produce keeping them fresh for longer. Store half-cut and diced tomatoes and onions, as well as half-cut citrus fruits. The Onion Keeper prevents strong odours from invading your fridge. They come in a range of bright colours and are dishwasher safe.
Stove Burner Covers come in different sizes. They come with an interesting display of pictures in various colours. A stove cover allows you to protect your stove from scratches, dirt, wear, and spills. Covers are helpful if you want to use the stove top as a work surface . Stove covers aren’t porous, so they’re easy to clean.
Food storage has never been cuter or more simple. These Collapsible Mini Keepers store snacks, seasonings, candy and much more! The half cup capacity keepers collapse to store and expand for use.
View our catalogue for a selection of Graters, Slicers and Peelers. We offer a variety of scissors from general use Kitchen Scissors, Shears and Seafood and Herb Scissors.