Glassware at Plastic & Glass Empire Store!

Our name says it all! We stock a large selection of Glassware for the Kitchen,  for Catering and Home Decor.
Uses for our Clip Top bottle are to store and serve high-quality oils, vinegar and even homemade wine.  It has become a firm favourite for Kombucha brewers. Take it straight from the fridge to the dinner table. This bottle, topped with an airtight clamp lid is dishwasher safe.
Consol Jars have become a household name. They come in many sizes for a multitude of uses. Jam jars, Honey Jars and 3L Catering Jars. The Consol Preserve Jar, also known as a Mason Jar is for home canning and preserves.  It has an outer steel ring which screws down over a metal plate to seal the jar and make it airtight.

Visit us in store to view our beverage and drinking glasses. We stock them in all shapes and sizes. Margarita glasses, wine glasses and water or juice glasses.

The Clear Embossed Canister provides decorative value to the Kitchen counter top. It’s usages include storing sugar, tea and coffee for easy access.