Arts & Crafts.

Arts and Crafts items for all your creative needs.

Amongst our art products we have paint brushes and rollers. For the artist we offer acrylic, fabric and neon paint from leading suppliers such as Dala paints.  For crafts view our Glitter Glue, modelling dough and different types of glue. Rejuvenate your black board with the Black-board paint. We stock resin, wax crayons, modelling dough, glue, wood glue, face paint and so much more.
Paints used to create are include watercolorsacrylics and oils. Other artists like working with pencil or chalk. Charcoal is another medium used for art. Acrylic paint can give a much brighter, more vivid colour than oil paints. It has been much used in modern art, and is cheaper than oil paint,
When dry, acrylic paint usually cannot be removed from a solid surface. Most artists prepare a canvas or other surface. A thin uniform cover or “wash” of white or other colour is painted on the whole surface. This helps the paint to get the same fix all over the surface. The unseen wash helps to reflevt light from the surface, thus improving the effect for the viewer. For uneven or coloured surfaces such as wood or rough canvas, gesso is used. Traditionally a mixture of chalk and gelatin Gesso is now available as a thick white acrylic.
Arts and Crafts can be implemented in many different aspects, such as: textiles, embroidery, knitting, sewing, t-shirt art, jewelry, woodworking, pottery, cardmaking, collages, papier-mâché, scrapbooking, D.I.Y projects, mosaics, stained glass and more.

We also offer a large range of stationary for your requirements in the studio or office.