We offer a large selection of products for your Garden.

There are Galvanised Planters with handles offering both utilitarian value and decor. The medium sized Round Planter comes in a variety of colours, pink, green, grey and red.

We also stock a large variety of Plastic Planters in different colours.

Tin Buckets with swing handles offer a bright display with pictures of frogs, butterflies and snails. In beautiful bright yellows, pinks, blues and reds. The kids will love play outside with these buckets! They can be used in so many different ways, you decide!

Should you need anything else for outdoors, choose from our selection of rakes, pot plants, seedling bags or hanging plant bowls and so much more. Amongst the products we stock for plants, we have beautiful wall brackets that are easy to install to make yourself some herb trays that can be accessible when you’re in the kitchen!