Plastic & Glass empire stock an extended range of packaging supplies. Plastic bags, bubble wrap. bottles & containers. Perfect packaging for caterers.
Fomo Trays. Designed for use in restaurants, takeaways, supermarkets and catering. Several come with hinged lids and keep heat.
The Fomo tray with a division is ideal for serving a full meal. Polystyrene cups are great insulators, ideal option for hot or cold food.
Offering excellent packaging for food, fruits and dairy products. Fomo cups hold their shape better than paper cups… while still offering a low-cost, lightweight vessel.
Ideal for hot or cold beverages. Ripple Paper Hot Cups are designed with an extra layer of rippled insulation to keep drinks warmer… and provide superior grip.
Polystyrene lined to prevent leaking and for added resilience. We stock a range of plastic knives, forks, and spoons to suit all types of meal services.
Lightweight and disposable… they are easy to transport… making them excellent for catered events and to slip into take out bags.