Containers & Tool Boxes

Plastic & Glass Empire stock an extensive range of Containers & Tool Boxes.

The Multi Box products offer versatility for a multitude of uses. Manufactured in a transparent plastic which allows easy viewing of the contents. They come in assorted sizes and shapes with coloured clips for the lids. Easy to store as they are stack-able.  The Multi box is food safe and dishwasher safe. Suited for storage in the fridge and freezer.
We stock an excellent quality range of large Plastic Storage Boxes. These storage units act as an efficient item for all kinds of storage requirements. Ideal for storing laundry clothes, magazines, newspapers and toys. Sturdy, light weight and portable. They come in various sizes and colours and are cost effective. 
The 3 Drawer Kiddies Storage Unit offers a perfect solution to keep kids rooms tidy.  It comes in vibrant colours and easy to slide drawers. For the office we stock the Addis 3 Clear Drawer Storage Unit.
Our Toolboxes come in varied sizes, shapes and colours. manufactured out of durable plastic with sturdy clips for the lids.  Includes built-in on board organiser and removable tray.