Jerrycans & Drums

With our large selection of Jerrycans and Drums, storing liquids could not be easier!
The manufacture of Jerrycans include strong durable plastic.  For safety purposes, indentations allow for expansion & contraction. Originally designed to hold fuel,  nowadays their usage includes water, oil and fuel. 
Colour coding aids in determining the contents. To prevent spillage, the Addis Jerrycan features a flexible spout.
To drain and dispose of used motor oil, the Sumpy can offers a perfect solution. Another feature of its unique design is prevention of spillage. Additionally, the size of the container allows for easy usage under vehicles.
Furthermore, we stock a large variety of water containers in different sizes. Glass and plastic bottles, Jerry cans and large drums.  The large containers are rectangular and come with caps. The 25L container with a tap is a perfect water can for camping or picnics.  For smaller quanities we supply containers for 10L and 15L.